Various Kinds of Mechanical Repairs and Services Done by Mobile Auto Mechanics

An auto mechanic is required to do a wide range of repairs and services on a car from tuning the performance to replacing the brakes. Consider the fact that they are supposed to know a huge array of cars in and out to carry out their job efficiently, and sometimes they also need to carry out administrative tasks like billing and financing. All of this makes a mechanic a jack of all trades. Nowadays, mechanics are expected to provide mobile mechanic services as well. They spare you from the cost of towing your broken-down car to the nearest workshop and carry out the repairs onsite at a cost which is usually cheaper than their in-shop counterparts. Excel Automotive prides itself on providing state-of-the-art mobile mechanic services at affordable prices. Our mechanics are the jack of all trades who know how to carry out most repairs and services on site quickly and efficiently.

But sometimes a mobile mechanic service just won’t cut it, and you will need to take it to a workshop. It is important to understand the services offered by a mechanic before reaching out. The services a good mechanic should offer are:

  • Auto brake and clutch repairs: Automotive centres have Mobile mechanic clutch replacement services and Mobile brake pad replacement services. But sometimes advanced jobs require your car to be taken to the workshop.
  • Auto servicing centre: Car servicing is an integral part of sustaining the health of your vehicle. A good mechanic uses state-of-the-art computerised tools to detect problems and fix them before they become major. Most services also provide auto electrical repairs and car electrical services. If your car is new, make sure your mechanic is certified or else you will risk voiding your warranty.
  • Car mechanical repairs: Mechanics are expected to do all mechanical car repairs, and they must be equipped with the latest technology and tools to do so.
  • LPG tuning: LPG tanks in cars are becoming common nowadays due to their eco-friendly nature and lower costs when compared to traditional fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. LPG specialists will be able to do LPG tank conversions, LPG performance tuning, and LPG Tuning & Repairs
  • Car logbook servicing: Logbook services are common, but essential services provided by a mechanic. They ensure that all the manufacturer-stipulated services are done on time as prescribed in the vehicle maintenance logbook.

The Importance of Quick Brake & Clutch Repair

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, and it is directly linked to driver safety. You cannot compromise on a good set of brakes by choosing a lousy mechanic for brake replacement and repairs. Moreover, the more you wait to get a replacement, the more the faulty brake in your car affects the rest of the components, by wearing them out. Hence it is always important to repair or replace faulty brakes as soon as possible.

The same is true for clutches, which are notoriously overlooked, and drivers won’t notice it until their car practically stops moving. Worn out clutches will significantly impact your driving performance and negatively impact other parts of your car as well. Your gearbox and transmission components will start wearing out. So, the sooner you repair your clutch, the better.

The Best in Class Auto Brake and Clutch Repairs at Excel Automotive

Excel Automotive has built a solid reputation set in stone through years of hard work in the automotive industry. Our roster boasts of highly trained technicians and experienced staff who know the in and out of all vehicles and come prepared with state-of-the-art tools and equipment for car repair and servicing. Call us on 03 5995 1557 to know more.